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NASA Space Kids
Avalon Academy
Daystrom Institute
Star Trek Media Library
Sector 001 Database
Smithsonian Institute
Reading Is Fundamental

Wizards Of The Coast
Crossroad Games

The Zocalo
The Lighter Side Of Sci-Fi
Sev Comedy

Official Star Wars
Official Farscape
Official Babylon 5
Official Star Trek
Official Matrix
Official Lord Of The Rings

Robert Beltran [ST Voyager]
Avery Brooks [ST DS9]
Jason Carter [Babylon 5]
Virginia Hey [Farscape]
Bill Mumy [Babylon 5]
Leonard Nimoy [Star Trek]
Robert Picardo [ST Voyager]
Gene Roddenberry
William Shatner [Star Trek]
Alexander Siddig [ST DS9]
Marina Sirtis [ST TNG]
Patrick Stewart [ST TNG]
Nana Visitor [ST DS9]